Cortlandt Diabetic Eye Care

Cortlandt Diabetic Eye Care

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Diabetes is a very serious condition, and it can affect many aspects of a person’s health – especially if specific symptoms relating to diabetes are not taken care of or kept under control. People who have this condition often need to see a specialist to keep these symptoms in check, but they should also see other medical experts to ensure that they are healthy in other areas as well. Diabetes has a tremendous effect on the health of the body’s extremities, namely the feet and eyes. For complete Cortlandt diabetic eye care, we here at Croton Vision Center can make sure that you get the help and treatment you need.

For people with diabetes, frequent eye exams and diabetic care is an absolute must. People with diabetes can experience a much higher probability of developing eye diseases, even ones that are completely unique to diabetes, as well as complications with other concerns. Everyone should see their eye doctor about once a year or so, but for people with diabetes these visits and screenings may need to be more frequent. Depending on your health, your medical history, and other factors in addition to your diabetes, our doctors here at Croton Vision Center will determine exactly how often you should be coming in for checkups and we can help you set them up so you don’t forget as well. With routine Cortlandt diabetic eye care, we can catch the earliest signs of any diseases or other conditions, and ensure that you are given the proper care in order to treat the problem and preserve your eyesight as well. If you have any present conditions, we can also make sure that these issues are thoroughly monitored and taken care of as needed.

Diabetes can affect various aspects of your health and it can put you at a much greater risk of developing conditions like glaucoma, cataracts and diabetic retinopathy. For complete Cortlandt diabetic eye care, visit us here at Croton Vision Center today.

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