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Diabetic eye testing in Ossining

Ossining eye specialist
Ossining eye specialist

Diabetic retinopathy is one of the key complications that can arise with your eyes from the effects of type 1 or type 2 diabetes. If you have this common condition related to blood sugar, you should be sure to come to our office at Croton Vision Center once per year for our diabetic eye testing.

Don’t wait until the onset of symptoms before you see our Ossining eye specialist. As with other common eye diseases, diabetic retinopathy forms and advances through its early stages without any obvious indications to warn you. If you don’t get attention until you observe symptoms, you risk harm to your eyes, including blood vessel damage and vision loss, which may not be reversible. Signs of the disease that you should take note of are blurred vision, difficulties in perceiving colors, seeing floaters (spots) in front of your eyes, and vision loss to any degree. If you experience any of them, don’t hesitate. You will need to be examined by our Ossining eye specialist right away, because they are linked to later stage diabetic retinopathy. Direct treatment for diabetic retinopathy includes laser treatments that are designed to repair any ocular blood vessel damage that has resulted from the disease. If you’re fortunate to have it diagnosed when you’re pre-symptomatic, the focus will be on getting your blood sugar under control. Work with your primary care doctor or diabetes specialist in conjunction with our eye doctor. Diet, exercise, and medication combine to bring about more positive outcomes.

The reality is that diabetes is a problem that is becoming more prevalent. You don’t want to take unnecessary chances with the wellness of your eyes, so while you’re thinking of it, contact our office right now and set up an appointment to come in and see our Ossining eye specialist.

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