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Vision Correction Cortland

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LASIK in Cortland

Vision correction Cortland
Vision correction Cortland

Many people have vision impairment problems, and choose to wear corrective lenses to improve their eyesight. Prescription glasses and contact lenses are the most common methods that people choose, but many individuals are unhappy with either option. For these people, there are alternatives like laser eye surgery that can improve vision and reduce reliance on optical tools. If you happen to be interested in this type of surgery and would like to learn more about vision correction Cortland, then we here at Croton Vision Center can tell you all about LASIK surgery while providing you with the exam needed to determine if you are a candidate.

Many vision problems are caused by imperfections in the shape of the cornea. The cornea is the clear tissue that rests over the pupil. The curvature and clarity of the cornea will affect the quality of your eyesight, very much like the lens of the camera will affect the quality of the image it produces. Prescription lenses aim to correct these imperfections or deficiencies by providing the eyes with an additional set of lenses that can make up for the difference. Laser eye surgery, on the other hand, slices through the cornea delicately and allows it to heal in a way that it can reshape itself and produce better eyesight once the healing process is complete. Here at Croton Vision Center we can tell you all about how vision correction Cortland will work, including your pre-and post-surgery treatment, and we can also determine whether you are a candidate for the surgery in the first place. Not everyone is able to undergo LASIK due to pre-existing conditions or other factors, so these things need to be figured out beforehand.

With LASIK, you can reduce your reliance on glasses or contacts, and you may not have to use them at all. If you would like to learn more about how vision correction Cortland can change your life, then all you have to do is call our offices and schedule an appointment with one of our specialists here at Croton Vision Center today.

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